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How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Truck?

Castroville drivers love their pickup trucks and like to customize them to turn the heads of other drivers. If you’ve been considering lifting your Dodge truck, you may be wondering about the cost to lift a truck. San Antonio truck enthusiasts will find that the answer to this question ranges depending on your make and model. Nyle Maxwell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Castroville is here to give you a ballpark estimate on the cost to lift a truck. Read on to learn more, and if you have questions, contact us. We’re always happy to help.



The Cost of Lift Kits

How much does it cost to lift a truck? That depends on the lift kit you choose, the cost of installation, and other factors. The most affordable options are leveling kits and body kits, and they range from $100-$500. These lift kits are mostly for show, not for performance. If you’re looking to enhance your truck’s performance for off-road capability, you’ll need a suspension lift kit, which will cost somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000. Call the parts department at Nyle Maxwell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Castroville for exact pricing.

Cost of Lift Kit Installation 

The time it takes to install your kit ranges from between 7 to 15 hours or more. That will impact the cost of installation if you’re having someone install it for you.San Antonio drivers can save a lot of money by installing it themselves, but it isn’t easy and requires a lot of tools. For most people, we recommend that you leave this job to the certified technicians at Nyle Maxwell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Castroville. 

Body Lifts vs. Suspension Lifts

Alamo Heights drivers who choose a lift kit will also need to choose between the body lift and the suspension lift for their truck. A body lift simply raises the body of your truck, making room for larger tires without changing the basic structure of your truck. Suspension lifts are typically larger and more extreme. Nyle Maxwell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Castroville recommends using genuine OEM parts to help preserve the integrity of your vehicle.

Why Should You Pay the Cost to Lift a Truck?

If you’re not quite sure if the cost to lift a truck is right for you, don’t worry. Here are some of the reasons we hear from our Balcones Heights customers that have lifted their trucks:

  1. A lift kit allows for superior ground clearance, better shock absorbers, and bigger tires with improved traction. A lift kit is vital for the most serious off-road enthusiasts.
  2. Lifting a truck gives it a more aggressive appearance and helps you stand out in Castroville traffic.
  3. Even if you don’t drive off-road, a lift kit can help to improve your truck’s performance. In addition to improved ride quality, a lift kit may even help to improve your MPG!
  4. With a superior suspension, the miles you put on your odometer will generate a smaller amount of wear and tear on your truck. This translates to lower maintenance costs and maybe even higher resale values.

Explore Lift Kit Options at Nyle Maxwell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Castroville!

If you’re still wondering, “How much is it to lift a truck?”, then contact the service center at Nyle Maxwell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Castroville. We are your best source for genuine OEM lift kits and other truck accessories. We’ll help you explore all of your options, compare the costs of installing various lift kits, and provide professional installation. Contact us today!

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